Here is a general outline of our drivers' meetings and rules for our rides. 

1.       Welcome
2.       No Drugs or Alcohol
3.       Front and rear tow points
4.       Waivers – fill them out – when will they be collected, when will money be collected
5.       Keep the person behind you in your rear view mirror
6.       If you lose the person in front of you STOP. Honk your horn and let the group behind you bunch up. We will find you.
7.       If you get out of your vehicle, leave your keys on the dashboard
8.       Stay on the trail
9.       Get your winches ready and/or your tow straps out now.
10.   2 Tries and you get pulled out
11.   Listen to your spotters and ask for a spot if you need one
12.   Pick up your trash and keep it in your vehicle
13.   Bathrooms – Women are always right. Men on the left, women on the right.
14.   Music, we don’t want to hear it outside the vehicle and turn it off if you are getting spotted.
15.   Seatbelts must be on while moving
16.   Hands and limbs in the vehicle at all times
17.   Introduce group leaders and the tail people.
18.   Assign CB channels to the groups
19.   Any other announcements
20.   Roll out your paragraph here.