Driver’s Meeting

There are a few rules of the off-road that must be followed on every Nola 4×4 excursion:

  1. No drinking and driving
  2. No drugs
  3. Vehicles must have front and rear tow points
  4. Stay on marked trails
  5. Do not litter
  6. Keep the vehicle behind you in your sights
  7. Keep all limbs you with to keep inside the vehicle (you’re not going to stop a flop by putting your hand on the ground)
  8. Listen to the spotter
  9. Follow all rules of the property being wheeled

The typical off-road event’s schedule is:

  1. Arrive at rally point
  2. Complete waiver
  3. Air down
  4. Prep tow points
  5. Driver’s meeting
  6. Roll out!